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27 best shopify apps

Shopify apps are a vital tool to keep your ecommerce store functioning and up-to-date, but how do you choose the right ones?

As Shopify specialists, we feel your pain. Although it can be simple enough to get your Shopify store up and running, there are thousands of apps to help you with everything from managing shipping to search-engine optimisation and social selling.

To narrow your search we’ve put our heads together to bring you a list of the 25 best Shopify apps.

1. Excelify

Excelify allows you to bulk import or export up to 2GB of data to and from your Shopify store. From product data and collections to order details and alt-tags, it can make populating your site a breeze, while maintaining any fields you’ve set-up in your admin area. Plus, if you’re planning to migrate your store, you can simply download all of its data as a CSV or Excel file, so you can upload it to another online shop.

2. Metafields Editor

This free Shopify app helps you to manage product and variant data. For instance, if you’re selling food products and want to add nutritional information to them, you can use the Metafields Editor.

3. Power Tools

Enhance your customers’ Shopify experience using the Power Tools app. It allows you to create additional filters, combine collections and bulk edit tags. You can then filter by colour and size, or create a best-sellers collection with this one tool.

4. Order Printer

Recommended as a vital app for those just starting out, Shopify Order Printer allows you to print invoices, packing slips and labels individually or in bulk. Developed by Shopify themselves, it comes complete with HTML templates, or you can code your own.

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5. Google Shopping Feed

Want potential customers to find you on Google Shopping? This app allows you to sync your Shopify product data with Google Merchant Center. Although it’s not the official Google Shopify app, it has better reviews and is available in more countries.

6. Facebook Store

Keep shopping simple for your customers and allow them to buy your products on Facebook with this Shopify-developed app. The app syncs your Facebook Page with your ecommerce website, so you don’t have to manually update the feed.

7. Shippo

A highly rated Shopify app, Shippo simplifies shipping. A pay-as-you-go app, there is no monthly fee, you just pay for what you use. In turn, you can print labels, give customers access to parcel tracking, print free returns labels, apply insurance and even sync multiple shop-fronts.

8. Jetti

If you’re running a drop-shipping ecommerce store, Jetti can automate processes and create a branded portal for your vendors. While it’s at the pricier end of the Shopify apps, it will free up your time, so you can get on with running your business.

9. Feefo

According to Feefo, adding reviews to product pages can enhance conversion rates by up to 6.77%. Feefo’s free Shopify app allows you to use reviews to reassure potential customers that your products and services are high-quality and trust-worthy.

“Adding reviews to product pages can enhance conversion rates by up to 6.77%”

10. Pinterest

Shoppable pins have been around for a while now and allow people to buy the products they see on Pinterest. According to Shopify it increases site traffic by 20-28% and synchronises with your site, so the pins update automatically when you make changes.

11. Persistent Cart

An abandoned cart doesn’t have to mean a lost sale. With Persistent Cart, your customer’s items will remain in their basket, even if they log in with a different device, so they can continue through to payment.

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12. Store Pickup by Secomapp

If you have a real-life bricks-and-mortar store, this app allows you to enable click-and-collect functionality, so local customers can pick-up items in real life. A recent update means that the app now has a delivery option too, so you can offer local deliveries. 

13. Zapier

Connect all your Shopify apps with Zapier. This app allows data to be shared across platforms, without the need for any coding. For instance, if you have an abandoned cart app, it could talk to your CRM, which fires out an email to the customer, reminding them to come back and complete the purchase.

14. Xero

Keep track of your accounts and invoicing with the Xero plugin for Shopify. It allows you to create invoices, and track orders and accounts, so you can easily monitor your financial situation. If you’re in the UK, it can also help you track your tax liabilities.

15. SEO Manager

If you want your ecommerce website to attract new customers, you need to ensure it appears on search-engine-results pages. The SEO Manager app can help you to do this, highlighting where improvements can be made so that it stands out against your competition.

16. Crush Pics

Following on neatly from an SEO app is the Crush Pics app. You’re less likely to lose traffic and potential customers if your ecommerce store loads quickly. According to Mach Metrics, people expect web pages to load in under 3 seconds. Large images can have a negative impact on this. The Crush Pics app helps reduce the size of the images without losing quality.

“People expect web pages to load in under 3 seconds”

17. Wishlist Plus

Some site visitors aren’t ready to buy straight away or even view your products as a luxury item. A wishlist app allows them to save the product later, or to share the item with a loved one. Not only will Wishlist Plus do this, but will also allow the wishlist to be accessed on multiple devices and without logging in.

18. Product Reviews

As with the Feefo app, the Product Reviews app allows you to collect feedback, which encourages future sales.

19. Instagram Shop by Snapppt

Got a growing Instagram following? This Shopify app allows your followers to buy items featured in your feed. Simply connect the app with your Instagram account and use it build shoppable galleries and carousels.

20. Kit

This free app promises to boost your productivity. It can handle and automate Facebook and Instagram adverts (including retargeting), social media posts, email marketing and discounts via a mobile device based on chatbot technology. It also integrates with other apps using skills.

21. Oberlo

Another simple drop-shipping application, Oberlo makes it easy to pick products to sell on your Shopify store from its own marketplace or Ali Express. It also updates automatically if prices change or items go out of stock, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your store up-to-date.

22. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

One of the biggest barriers to a sale is often the price of shipping. Let your customers know that you’re offering free shipping on orders with this app and watch your conversion rate increase. 

23. Sales Pop

We’ve all seen those pop-ups on websites that say how many other people are looking at an item, or when the last one was bought. Sales Pop allows you to add this sense of urgency to your website, while also demonstrating that you’ve had sales and happy customers, reinforcing trust in your brand. Plus, it’s free! Read more: The Money Makers Report

24. Personalized Recommendation

Boost your average order value by suggesting other products visitors might like. This free Shopify app uses machine learning to cross-sell in a number of ways,  including suggesting other items bought alongside, recently viewed and best sellers. 

25. Mailchimp

Last but not least, there’s an app for Mailchimp, allowing you to sync your shop with your mailing list, segment your audience and run automations based on browsing and sales behaviour so you can build relationships and loyalty with your customers.

26. Nosto

This AI-powered Shopify app allows you to offer personalised recommendations to customers, based on their browsing patterns, as well as segmentation and email marketing. It can also deliver pop-ups and Facebook and Instagram advertising.

27. Boost Sales by Beeketing

Provide offers in the cart, up-sell and provide personalised recommendations with machine-learning technology, so you can boost your conversion rates and average order value. Preview options will also make the browsing process smoother for site visitors, so they can find what they’re looking for faster.


Reader recommendation: Veeqo 

This app integrates with a wide variety of other apps, including Shopify, DPD and WooCommerce to help you manage orders and inventory and allow you to automate your processes – so you can focus on growing your business.

Which apps do you use?

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