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As conversion-rate specialists Justuno release new research surrounding email sign-ups, The Commerce Collective takes a look at the data and distills the essential details.

We all know that email marketing is essential to any business – whether you’re focused on ecommerce or not. Once you’ve captured prospect data, you own it; you have a marketing list. Not Facebook, not Google – you. That means you can contact your subscribers to stay in touch, warm them up to a sale and generally improve client relations. Who wouldn’t want that?

But while it’s all well and good saying to your marketing team “build a marketing list”, there’s more to it than that. That request ignores the subtle complexities of encouraging email sign-ups; there are lots of ways to encourage website users to give up their details before they reach the point of sale.

Justuno, a company that builds tools to improve conversion rates, has compiled a report based on more than 1 billion user sessions from its clients’ sites to demonstrate what that looks like.

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How are you asking for email sign-ups?

One of the most common ways to request an email sign up is via a website pop-up – and these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

So, the first thing to consider is the format of your pop-up. What does it look like? What does it do? What does it ask for?

According to Justuno data, ‘spin-to-win’ promotions convert 13.39% of users into subscribers and came out at the top of their research.

‘Spin-to-win’ promotions convert 13.39%

What this means, essentially, is incentivising site visitors to sign up to your email list. By signing up, they get access to a discount.

In second place was the countdown timer format, with 8.6% of subscriptions. By adding an element of urgency – that an offer won’t be available for long – users have a reason to sign up now, rather than waiting until later.

In third place, was fullscreen pop-up, which takeover the browser tab while asking for a sign-up. This converted 6.92% of users on average.

What is a good email sign-up rate?

Next, a word on opt-in rates. The average across all industries averages between 3 and 5%, but this varies widely.

Justuno found that opt-ins are higher with a well-designed pop-up.

The industries with the highest rates are:

  • Food & Drink – 5.39%
  • Style & Fashion – 6.33%
  • Next Gen – 6.08%

However, figures can be improved if you set-up a well-constructed pop-up campaign. Carefully consider all the facets of your customer journey and how users interact with your site to make sure you ask at the optimum moment.

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The research also showed that it takes 1.34 impressions before users engage with a pop-up.

And it takes 2.15 impressions to convert to a subscription.

That means you need to consider where, when and how often the pop-ups are seen and the messaging that it’s included within the pop-ups to achieve success.

You need to consider where, when and how often the pop-ups are seen

Beyond email sign-ups

The Justuno research also shows that the impact of using pop-ups affected more than email sign-ups. It can also affect bounce rates and revenues.

By comparing the behaviours of users that did see a pop-up against those that didn’t, Justuno found that bounce rates were 15% lower for users that saw a pop-up. Therefore, they stayed on the site, viewing more than just one page, and were more engaged.

This may account for why Justuno also found that the revenue driven by customers who had viewed a pop up was also 11% higher. By being more engaged with the site and the brand, it’s possible to demonstrate that customers spend more. 

For more stats, read the full Justuno report here.


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