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Love it or hate it, 14th February means big business for many retailers. Estimated to be worth £726m in 2018, it’s no wonder so many businesses focus on getting Valentine’s Day marketing right.

In this article, The Commerce Collective shares some of its top tips for maximising your V Day.

Keep it consistent

This point is obvious but bears repeating: consistency is key across your channels. Whether you’re getting slushy and sentimental, or cheeky and fun, make sure all channels have a similar look and feel that fits with your overall tone of voice.

From the colours you use to the photography and tone of voice, it’s important that website visitors and customers know who’s site they are on.

Give your own gifts

Indulge your customers with some perks. Give them Valentine’s themed two-for-one offers or discount codes to incentivise purchases or increased order values.

According to data reported by Temando, 71% of Gen Z consumers are prepared to increase order values to get free shipping. 56% of the rest of the wider population display similar behaviours too. It’s important to have incentives and suggest related products at key points to encourage this behaviour.

Not able to offer discounts? Include a little gift in the parcel to show them some love. Whether it’s a packet of Love Hearts or a hand-written thank-you note, you’ll make their parcel that little bit more memorable and keep you in mind for future purchases.

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Make a date with key influencers

No round-up of Valentine’s Day marketing tips would be complete without considering influencer marketing.

If you haven’t already, carefully select a blogger or Instagrammer in a relevant niche and reach out them; offer products to review, which they can use for unboxing videos, Instagram #OOTD posts for their V-Day activities. Just be sure to have a clear agreement about what you expect to achieve and any terms and conditions for the relationship.

Follow the sale

Whatever Valentine’s Day marketing you engage in and the channels you use, make sure activity is trackable. For instance, have you given partners or influencers unique discount codes? Make sure you have a record of who is using what, so you can report on which performed best after the event. 

Use UTM tracking to create unique URLs, so you can monitor the performance of campaigns and channels in Google Analytics. Google has a handy free tool if you’re not already doing this.

Of course, with reference to GA, make sure your site has advanced ecommerce tracking set up, so you can monitor where your sales are coming from, conversion rates and average order values from each channel.

And don’t forget this applies offline. If you’re using print advertising this winter, make sure you can track website visits or phone calls via Google Analytics.

Make it easy 

If you’re using pull marketing techniques to draw visitors to your site, such as email marketing and social media, you’ll want to send them to a related landing page. This will include Valentine’s Day content and products.

Can’t decide on the messaging and imagery that will resonate most? Split-test your options and send traffic to multiple home pages.

Create inspirational content

Don’t just sell to your potential customers. As with all other times of year, Valentine’s Day marketing should include entertaining, inspirational or informative content that builds relationships with your audience. Drive traffic to this content with email marketing, social media marketing and even paid channels.

There’s a wealth of different content you could create, including gift ideas, outfit inspiration, recipes to impress, most romantic cities to visit… And these could be anything from articles, lists, videos, infographics, downloads… Just make sure it will resonate with your audience.

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Love your affiliates

Engaged in affiliate marketing? Show your advertisers some love with exclusive, affiliate-only promotions. It will give them something to promote and drive more sales.

Try providing them with exclusive discount codes that can be tracked, along with artwork and relevant display banners. 

Get social

Schedule some V Day content in your planner to make sure it happens. However, remember point one – it must be consistent with your brand.

Be sure to find ways to engage your audience on social media. Encourage them to create content on a Valentine’s Day theme, tagging your account or using a unique hashtag – you could even incentivise it with a contest or giveaway.

Have fun

Embrace the somewhat silly nature of Valentine’s Day and allow yourself to be creative. It doesn’t have to be all-hearts-and-flowers, but you could drop in a few puns here and there, pop a few hearts in your imagery and make your customers smile. 

Image courtesy of Sarah Pflug