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Shopify currently has a maximum resolution for it’s images of 4472px by 4472px and a maximum upload size of 20mb.

On uploading the images into Shopify, it pre-renders the originals down into a number of smaller sizes for optimal delivery on product, collection and content pages.

If you are looking to present your images in a format other than square you need to make sure you constrain the proportions so that the longest side is no more than 4472px.

Popular image formats

Here are 4 popular size ratios for you to follow:

  1. 7 : 5 – 4472 x 3194px
  2. 6 : 4 – 4472 x 2981px
  3. 16 : 9 – 4472 x 2515px
  4. 3 : 1 – 4472 x 1491px

The importance of file size.

With Google’s search algorithm sill focusing on the speed st which the page loads and mobile performance, whilst Shopify creates smaller versions, it is important to make sure you have optimised the image file size as much as possible before uploading.

For those of us less content with the inner workings of photoshop there are some amazing online tools that will ‘shrink’ your images with little to no loss of quality.

Below are three of the most commonly used by the team here at The Commerce Collective.